Monday, August 29, 2005

Arizona Ceramic Artists (link)

Don't miss this show at Stl Commuity College, Meramec. Good mix of current work, over 50 pieces from Arizona. Brochure states: "An inter-generational survey of outstanding ceramics emanating from this southwestern epicenter for clay." Pretty good description. Great variety of work. Mostly earthtones. Much of the work appears highly textured, as in this sculpture by Don Reitz, "Skirted Jar" Just happened to meet Catherine Magel there and she introduced me to some other artist there as well as James Ibur, curator of the show and instructor at the college. He offered interesting insights on some of processes involved.

I enjoyed the work by Ellen Tibbits, Rare Bird. I like the muted color in her work.

Christina Shmigel, Laumeier Sculpture Park

This is almost over and if you missed it, well, better luck next time. Show has that "Wonderland" aspect in that you are actually walking through the artwork. Charistina has added new dimension gained from her travels to Asia. I lol at the photographs of "bambo scaffolding" in her apartment. However, as one who grew up in an industrial town, literally landscaped with pipe work, when it comes to the pipefitting, I still do not "get it". None the less, the work is engaging and leaves one in awe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Saint Louis Art Fair is almost here

The Saint Louis artists' Guild runs a vender booth at the fair. I am "in charge" of it on Friday. Our booth backs to the beer booth. The artists sell soft drinks and the dancers sell the beer. We buy their beer and they buy our water. Good plan.
The Fair is a huge operation. Much of it is done by volunteers, the booths as well as the overall running of things. It is pretty amazing that it works. Anyway, a good part of the funding for the Fair comes from the sale of beverages. The Saint Louis Artist Guild also gets a good chunk of change for its volunteers efforts. So, enjoy the beverages and know the cost was well spent.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ceramics at the Columbia Conservation area

Spent Saturday morning cycling near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Friend, Catherine Magel, did the ceramic art work for the seven informational kiosks set throughout the park so I though we would take a look. Nice work. Each mosaic reflects the information for that station so they cover a wide range, mostly based on the river and the land. Personal favorite was the fields of wheat but the turtle also very interesting. The details are created by hand, like the sections of the turtles shell. The rest is done with 1 inch tiles, some imported, some created in Catherines studio. Wonderful color. Each kiosk unique, some with multiple sections. Great place to cycle, new blacktop. Also took trail along river.