Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Open Studio Tour #4

This years open studio tour was like all the others - the best one yet. It gave me a chance to go into sections of the city that I often drive by but never have a chance to see. There is an interesting group of studios in south city near the river on Ohio. They are old workshop buildings, some still in use for manufacturing. In one of these studios is Sarah Paulsen, painter. She also had cells from her animation work on display. She shares a studio with Cameron Fuller, installation and illustration. Behind their building is the studio of Kevin Harris and his lady friend. Their building sits on the bluff overlooking the river. Kevin was out but his girlfriend showed me some pretty nice photography that she has done. I am sorry I missed Kevin as he was set up for audio performance work and I would like to have heard his work. In the next building down, Tim Wilson has a custom wood shop on the upper floor. Beneath him, on the lower floor, is the studio of Gary Passanise. This is the most interesting studio I saw on the tour. You enter it by ducking through the doorway.
Which places you in a sort of grand entrance cellar. Walking down a few steps brings you to another doorway to the left. Once again, you are at the top of the stairs but this time you are looking over a cavernous studio with 20 foot ceilings.

While I was in the area, I also stopped by Cherokee street to say hi to Angelo at Cranky Yellow. It was not part of the tour but still an interesting place to see.
The one artist I was interested to see there was Amy VanDonsel. I have seen her work online and wanted to see it for real. Painter, mostly, but also sculpture. I first caught interest in a digitally manipulated photograph of a painting she did. Her straight paintings are nice as well.
Her studio is a storefront on Cherokee Street. In the living quarters, there is a very interesting tree limb in sculpture attached to the ceiling. She is working on a origami based sculpture. It is such a cool idea, I wish I had thought of it. I get that feeling lot as I walk through so many open studios.