Monday, July 31, 2006

Emerging Local Artists, on the National Scene

The St. Louis Artists’ Guild is exploring new formats for its exhibition schedule. In the past, most shows have been juried and ran six weeks. They are now running eight weeks with at least this show being curiated. The "Emerging Local Artists" show was curiated by David Weaver of Art Dimensions. This group has been around for a number of years (5?) now, giving David the opportunity to meet a good selection of talent. Eight of our most dedicated local artists were chosen for this show. While each artist shows just two or three pieces, it is some of their finer work. The work shown above is by Justin Tolentino. Often working on found objects, this is on a sheet of rubber. As Justin continues with his stylistly edgy, street wise approach, he has added a new dimension in rich but subdued image laden background.Notably different, this work does not have the cartoon characturitures as in the past. I rather prefer this.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lyndsey Scott when we were both volunteers in an art based program to help "at risk" youth. Her work is some of the most interesting in the show. It uses a large variety of media as well as a number of different objects. The distressed framing is an intricate part of the work. Many fine details and symbolism to boot.
William Lobdell does found object relief sculpture, building 3-d models using objects one might see in the junk drawer of a workshop. The work is then masterfully painted with acrylic, making the work a cross between a highly textured painting and a beautifully painted sculpture. He generously offered to teach a workshop at the Guild which I am excited about attending. Art Dimensions is like a band of nomadic artists, displaying their work at various venus as opportunity arises. From under used storefronts to the "Taste of Saint Louis Fair" they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the work out before the public.
The complete list of artists in this show:
Alicia LaChance
Aunia Kahn
Cbabi Bayoc
Julie Malone
Justin Tolentino
Lyndsey Scott
Peat Wollaeger
William Lobdell
Their inspiration, histories, and styles are wildly diverse and challenge us to take a fresh look at the creativity offered by our local emerging artists.