Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chris Kahler: Impulsive Systems

Kahler's work strives to incorporate synthesized concepts of biological science. Interesting idea. Science has always relied on illustration, but here it has been abstracted into the realm of fine art. Art and religion have long been related. Likewise with science and religion. Now we have art and science. Interesting idea.
The foundation of his work stems from the translucent colors emitted from light passing through the bodies of what seems to be multi-celled organisms. One direction uses a multitude of bright colors while another is monochromatic in blue hues. It has been received favorably by Post-Dispatch Critic, David Bonetti: "Kahler's paintings are undeniably beautiful, reminiscent in color and joyous affect of Sam Francis' midcentury abstractions".
These rather large pieces are beautifully presented at The Bruno David Gallery. The very tall ceilings there provide unique display for large pieces. A link to images of the show.

Monday, March 06, 2006

St Louis Marathon Art and Sole

You can find the most interesting things to do on the Critical Mass list-serve. About a month ago, I accepted an invitation to join a workshop/open studio project to make 4' x 6' murals for the Spirit of Saint Louis Marathon. The project is part of "Art and Sole" and the murals are to be used as mile markers in the marathon. There are 30 artists participating and each created their own concept with only one guideline, the mural was to relate to running/walking. With such freedom, there is a great variety of work. The best part of doing this was meeting and working with all of the other artists. We all worked in one large room with usually 6 - 8 there at one time. Most of the artists have other occupations to make ends meet. It is interesting to see all the different ways they are able to pursue the creation of art and work it into their daily lives.
The work was done at the 2500 Ohio Art complex (studio space available) in the studio of Rich Brooks (left). Rich is our mentor and art coach and has been doing a great job. We started with a meeting of all of the artists so we were able to meet each other. Many already knew each other from doing this last year. The work is done for the most part on a volunteer basis. Even though everyone is motivated by the act of creating their art work, Rich is a master of motivating volunteers. This is a lost art in itself. There are two parties to celebrate the marathon and the artwork. An artists' Reception and open house March 19th 1-5 pm and a Rockin' Sole Party($) and Art Auction March 25th Both at 2500 Ohio Call 727 0800 for more info